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Dental Technology

The dental department at Miami Beach Community Health Center keeps its eye on new technologies as they are introduced to ensure that they are safe and beneficial for patient use.  We are well equipped to detect and treat oral lesions and perform procedures with maximum comfort. Some of the tools available are:

DENTRIX:  A dental practice management software, a computerized electronic dental record management system that allows dental personnel to quickly and easily view and analyze patientís dental conditions.  It also eases storage, back up and retrieval of patient information.

INTRAORAL CAMERA:  The intraoral camera is a wand-like device with a tiny magnifying lens that projects a picture from a patientís mouth onto a screen. The image allows the dentist to see fractured enamel (fracture lines in teeth), breakdowns of restorations, and then also allows the patient to see the images. It facilitates patientís understanding of their condition and treatment plan. 

Miami Beach Community Health Center has received funding from South Florida Health Foundation to incorporate digital radiography.